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Site Information



What is Pakiaka?


Pakiaka is a place to capture and share the rich history of Rotorua and its people. It provides easy access to an online store of heritage material, including photos, books, maps and related ephemera. 


What platform does Pakiaka use?


Pakiaka utilises Recollect, a product of Recollect CMS and New Zealand Micrographics Services.


Who administers the site?


Pakiaka is managed by the Heritage and Research Team at Rotorua Library, Te Aka Mauri.


How do I search the site?


For hints and tips on searching Pakiaka, visit this page


What types of collections do you have?


The content made available through Pakiaka is from the library’s heritage collections, which comprise:

  • Publications: rare books, local newspapers and magazines
  • Community archives: records of local organisations, clubs, businesses and individuals
  • Audiovisual: oral histories and filmed interviews
  • Maps
  • Ephemera
  • Index cards


How do I upload content?


Please visit our this page for more information.


Who owns the content I upload?


Contributors retain ownership of the content they upload to Pakiaka. 


Who owns the copyright of the content I upload?


If you want to contribute content to Pakiaka, you must be the copyright holder, or the material must be out of copyright. When you upload files, you will be asked to assign a Creative Commons License. This will communicate how visitors to the site can copy, distribute, and make use of your content.


Can I edit or delete my contribution after it has been published?


Yes. You can request that content, and related descriptions, be edited or deleted.


What if I think content needs to be changed or removed?


If you would like something removed from our site, please refer to our takedown notice.

Do you provide training or support?


Yes. You can contact the Heritage and Research team for more assistance.


Can I visit Rotorua Library’s Community Archives?


We welcome visitors. You can request to view an item held in the Rotorua Library Community Archives by contacting a member of the Heritage and Research Team. 

Items may be viewed Monday to Friday, 9am-5.30pm, and Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Please note access to archives will close 30 minutes prior to the library closing.


Can I donate to the Rotorua Library Community Archive?


If you have material that would be of interest to library’s community archive, please contact the Heritage and Research team to discuss.



If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us

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