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Rotorua Library, Te Aka Mauri, is grateful to our community for allowing us to share their content on Pakiaka. It is your taonga that brings our website to life. 


By visiting the “Donate or Contribute” page, you are taking the first step in helping enrich our heritage collections. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about contributing digital content to Pakiaka, as well as donating physical item/s to Rotorua Library.  

What is the difference between a contribution and a donation? 

Digital items that are contributed to Pakiaka are displayed on the website, but do not become part of our archive. Contributors formalise this arrangement by agreeing to a set of terms and conditions when signing-up as members. They also decide how their content can be re-used by choosing an appropriate creative commons license.  
When items are donated to us, legal title is transferred to Rotorua Library and the items are added to our archive. This means Rotorua Library becomes the owner of this content. Donors formalise this transfer by signing a donation form. 

How do I contribute content? 

Contributing to Pakiaka is easy. Simply visit our Contribute page or watch this short video to learn more: 



How do I donate content? 

Simply contact a member of our Heritage and Research Team with details of the item/s you would like to donate. They will get back to you within five working days with a few additional questions. Once these are answered, the team will consider whether the items meet our collecting criteria and current collecting plan. You should hear back from us within two months.  


Watch this short video to learn more about how you can prepare material for donation:




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